I was born in the last century, more precisely, in 1976. Grandson of Swiss, son of Brazilians engaged in changing the world. I was born in Brasilia, the capital of everything that could happen at that time.

It was the pinnacle of portable cameras. The apex of the military government in Brazil. The colors began to dominate the television world. Punk Rock started its movement and its first idols (but my parents preferred the Beatles), it would take India two years for women to vote in some cantons in Switzerland.

But I was small, I do not remember anything of that time.

Then the world began to prepare for the magicians in the 80s. Colors, the tacky, bad music and the movie of the Goonies. I dared this decade playing Playmobil, playing ball in the square and cycling.

Nothing worried me, but on the counter, I always had the last issue of National Geographic Magazine, bringing beautiful photos and impressive stuff. També, the shelf of my father’s and my mother’s books, capable of making any soldier of the dictatorship mad with anger, began to draw my attention.

The 1990s were energetic. Very grunge, very national rock, lots of mountain and lots of philosophy. Also, in the middle of the decade, I started the college of psychology, wearing a beautiful shirt flannel shorts.

The 2000s made everything absolutely digital. they opened the digital multimodality of the contemporary world at 640kb. They shaped the world we have today.

Good conversation, photography and my passion for Switzerland. The perfect blend for this digital space.


First of all, it was psychology, but now I work as a coach. The same knowledge, the same basis, new name. I work since 2001 as a Cognitive-Behavioral Therapist and this brilliant and objective Psychology line has always surprised me. This experience I share through the blog, sharing small and intelligent tips for self-development of the day today. Sometimes in Portuguese and English, sometimes in just one of these languages. A good example of topics brought up in this blog is the process of choice (or “decision-making”, as we call it in cognitive psychology). It implies predicting a future that begins with the choice of someone. And so mentally anticipating the outcome of what is chosen is an inseparable part of the process of choice. This and more you will find here.


The second is a passion for photography. Since 1996 I’ve been around the world with a camera in front of my eyes. My two favorite themes are the Atlantic Forest in Brazil and Switzerland. The Atlantic Forest in Brazil has spread to the mountains, plateaus, and coast. Facing the relationship between the continent of South America and the Atlantic Ocean, forging wonderful landscapes, rivers, and forests. In Switzerland, the spectacular landscapes formed by the plateaus spread through the alpine mountains, with their forests, lakes, and peaks, but also with their history and traditions … On the site Grandefocal, we find three of my main collections of photos: Switzerland and Its Castles, Landscapes of Switzerland and, The woods and the river (the forest and the river).

Immigration and Switzerland

The third passion shown on this site is Switzerland by itself. The small, wonderful, most liberal country in the world, full of history, democracy, culture and … Landscapes. Also shown in a colorful blog full of tips, Switzerland appears here in its historical, political, entrepreneurial and of course secret points for tourism, views of those who live here.